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Ryan grew up in a working class family, and always thought he'd follow in his father's footsteps at the local factory. Only, it shut down when he was ten, and his father had to find work to support him, his little brother, and his mother.

What work there was slowly wore down the Prince patriarch. He impressed upon his elder son the need for hard work in life to succeed, a lesson Ryan took to heart when his father passed away the winter he turned 12. By the time Ryan was sixteen, he was managing full time hours to help keep the family above water, in addition to school, so that mom could be home for his little brother. Ryan tried to set a good example to his brother, and knew, if they were going to scrape money up for college, it needed to be for little Ben.

So he talked his way into the Army at seventeen, set up all his money to go home to them, and made sure it was being saved up for his little brother's college. When he finished his tour in Afghanistan, he turned around and used his MP background and G.I. Bill to get into a good police academy.

And along the way there was a beauty named Elena who stole his heart, giving him the joy of fatherhood with a daughter to care for.

Details to be added as other players contribute


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