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Aspen and Astra Sagan are the twin children of an IT industrial CEO (Visual Operating Systems, or VOS) and an Oncology Researcher with a specialty in the genetics of cancer cells. Parents were both career minded, and put off children until they were both in their forties, which led to the use of fertility treatments. Early on, Mrs. Sagan was known to say she got off lucky that they only wound up with two children from the treatments.

Mr. Sagan was quietly of the opinion that one, the quiet one, would have been enough, and there were not many on his household staff who would disagree. From the first, Aspen was the the louder of the pair, the more demanding child. Astra spent her first month in NICU, having suffered the underdeveloped lungs and G. I. Tract some preemie twins were susceptible to, while her brother was healthy as a horse and was discharged before their mother.

When a maid laid Astra in Aspen's bassinet to change hers, they discovered that, miraculously, Aspen would quiet his howls for his sister, and Astra seemed more stable and better rested. The nanny and maids continued this practice, until Mrs. Sagan discovered it and tried to end it. That lasted all of two nights, before Mr. Sagan decided he preferred peace to sleep in, and the twins, from then on, were only rarely apart until just before their teens as far as sleeping went.

Aspen being smart and quick from a young age meant that Mr. Sagan was more than inclined to encourage the local private academy to waive the cut-off date for his son to start school. That meant waiving it for Astra too, but the school's insistence that the twins be in separate classes ended that notion. Aspen refused to have his sister out of sight in a strange place, and Astra's panic at being alone triggered a new round of health concerns. Mrs. Sagan decided her more delicate flower could remain home with a tutor, and Aspen found that acceptable, because she was safely at home.

In short, Aspen is psychotically protective and possessive of his 'little' sister and always has been, despite only three hours separating their births.

Astra, meanwhile, due to her homeschooling and the busy nature of her parents' lives, was often taken to the conferences they had to attend, exposing her to the upper society social life that they lived. She was a shy child, but her ears were sharp. Most of what she heard and observed went right back to her brother, who either explained it away or settled her down if it had upset her. Either way, he was building blackmail material from a young age, as people did not pay so much attention to what was said in front of the quiet little child as they should have.

Junior High found Aspen more willing to let Astra have her own space, mainly because he had discovered sex. The girls rarely interested him beyond learning the mechanics (and Daddy's prettiest maid was a good help there) because of their tendency to fall over and throw themselves his way for his looks, his money, and his connections. None of them mattered in his eyes, too easy and not worth his time, because there was no one as perfect as Astra among them.

((Side note: The twins have no personal boundaries with each other, and no modesty, but for them, it has never been sexual. Aspen places her on a pedestal, and Astra is convinced sex for recreation is not her cup of tea))

Boys, and then men, on the other hand, were challenging. Aspen became adept at seducing both, and was known for his short attention span... until the day in eighth grade when Aden Dashiell walked into his life, and showed him what he had been looking for. Good looking and smart enough to keep up with Aspen? Aspen was hooked from day one, and had seduced Aden in a supply closet not two months later. Aden proved to be the first human being outside of his sister that Aspen felt was worth his love, and the boys evolved a deep bond that took them into a lot of new territory, sex-wise, and emotionally. Aspen still seduces men here and there, but Aden is the only one who matters.

At the beginning of his freshman year of high school (when he was fourteen), Aspen was told by his father that he would be expected to work hard for his college money, earning his way so to speak. He would not be allowed to breeze into upper management, and would have to work his way up from the ground floor at the family business if he chose to follow IT.

Aspen did not find this plan to his liking. Much of High School was spent learning all he could about the power structures of both his mother's workplace and the family company while Aspen weighed his options. He would not let anything take him from his sister's side, so a slow plan had to be crafted, one in which he got to keep all his privilege and gain the power he hungered for, quickly, without the frustration of exerting himself.

Of course, a tragic accident when the twins were seventeen cleared the way for Aspen's ambition, as both his mother and father were killed when they had a freak acceleration in their car on a curving road. Aspen convinced the family court judge that he was close enough to adulthood to care for himself and his sister, garnering sympathy from their social class at large for how manfully he stepped up to his responsibilities. He hired a proxy to serve for him at VOS, (Bruticus, details later), and consolidated the estate into liquid funds, investments, and savings.

Astra was allowed to attend university at a private, still all-girls university, something that slowly eased her into socializing with her own age group, while Aden and Aspen attended a top science institute. Aspen's studies were in gene therapy initially, but he went ahead and doubled up his major to pursue business administration as well. Astra went purely into genetics, encouraged by her brother, who is not adverse to using her work. Both twins read and write code in multiple computer languages, not considering IT as something to study, but something to live.

In the late part of Aspen's last semester at school, he was approached by KAON... and that was the opening the ambitious viper had been looking for. He won Astra a place at the same laboratory firm their mother had worked at as an intern, which eventually turned into full-time employ, and settled the both of them in a high-security penthouse apartment. Astra has the top floor of the three floor apartment, with Aspen 'playing' on the first one, and living on the second one. To this day, he keeps in touch with Aden, as the NASA scientist's schedule allows, and maintains his decadent lifestyle while shielding his sister from the worst of the world at large...including his tempers and power plays.


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